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PT Aisandami West Papua Resources help to promote sustainable economic development for the community and conservation in Indonesia’s West Papua province,especially three regions that comprise the Bird’s Head Seascape (Raja Ampat, Triton Bay, and Cenderawasih Bay), which is now considered by marine biologists to be the epicenter of the Coral Triangle and which contains more fish and coral species than anywhere else on the planet. Indeed, in a recent report commissioned by the government of Indonesia (Geographic Priorities for Marine Biodiversity Conservation in Indonesia, Huffard, Erdmann, Gunawan, 2012), Papua was unanimously identified by marine biologists as the region that deserved the highest priority for marine conservation due to “its unparalleled marine biodiversity and endemism, habitat richness, and relatively intact nature of its ecosystems”. In March 2019, The Government of West Papua has committed to implement special regional regulations (PERDASUS) on conservation which make West Papua as the leading and the only one province of conservation in Indonesia. We also cooperate with the local government (Department of Tourism) for the Marine Park Tags system to ensure all the local villages receive funds

Meet the Team


Tony Aditya(photo)

Tony graduated from his study in International Relations with the plan of traveling around Indonesia before heading back to the office. He slowly realized that he was spending all his time and money for traveling and loving it and so became a guide, tourism consultant, event specialist and hotel manager. Of all the places he has traveled, West Papua was the one place that kept calling him back. “There is something very special about life here”. His ultimate dream was to own his own little resort, on a beautiful beach.

Tony speaks Bahasa Indonesia and English.